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Boyapati Sreenu is the director.

Srinivasaa Chitturi, the producer

Director of Music: S. Thaman

Cameraman: Santosh Detake

Editor: Thammiraju Bikkina

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Skanda Movie Download is the first joint venture between Boyapati Sreenu, the mass director, and Energetic Star Ram Pothineni. The film created a lot of hype before to its official release in theaters today. To find out how the film is, read our review.

Tale Skanda Movie:

Skanda Movie Download, Skanda download, skanda telugu movie download, skanda movie ibomma,

The daughter of Andhra Pradesh CM Rayudu (Ajay Purkar) elopes with the son of Telangana CM Ranjith Reddy (Sharath Lohitashwa). Rayudu is furious and tries to get retribution, but all is altered when Bhaskar Raju (Ram Pothineni) shows up. Bhaskar Raju: who is he? What is his catchphrase? He targeted both of the CMs; why? What relationship does Raju have with Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju (Srikanth)? All the answers are in the movie.

Ram is also seen to be able to subdue a drug-injected furious bull with greater ease than Bhallaladeva did with the gigantic bull in Baahubali. Additionally, the protagonist is shown as a vulgar college student who calls Sreeleela, a classmate, a “average” lady. He contends that he will attract more attention and be viewed as gorgeous if he courted and married an ordinary-looking woman! Wait until the disclosure if you can’t expect better from a boorish character—these allusions to the “average” are passed off as humor. We subsequently learn that he was a top-ranked ethical hacker at Stanford University. If all he does today is hack people, then it doesn’t matter. He is dedicating his life to serving his family and Ramakrishna Raju, a close friend of his father, Daggubati Raja.

167 minutes of slow motion and rhymed language make up this straightforward tale of retaliation and revenge. There are also literary and international cinema allusions. Tarzan is the name of someone. When a character asks, “To be or not to be,” and a goon prepares an attack, the word “Matrix” emerges loudly in the backdrop. Ram is also referred to be a walking Rolls-Royce by someone! Many women, meantime, are forced to settle for becoming props while being attired in the best silks. Others, like Gowtami, are squandered. All parents need to do is cry or show their boys how much they care. Meanwhile, a slew of young ladies fall in love with the hero.

Skanda Movie Download is obese and lacks creativity in action choreography, music, character development, or plot. It celebrates high-decibel mass fests with such relentlessness that you might want to carry your noise-canceling earbuds with you. When we find out at the conclusion that there will be a part two, it sounds menacing.

Extra Credits:

Skanda Movie Download, Skanda download, skanda telugu movie download, skanda movie ibomma,

Notable is Ram Pothineni’s remarkable makeover for this Skanda Movie Download. His beast mode is incredible, especially when he defeats opponents during action scenes. In addition to his prominent role, his superb delivery of the lines gives the moments greater impact.

As a heroine, Sreeleela isn’t as remarkable, but she still makes an impression on spectators with her amazing beauty and dancing skills.

Even though Srikanth has a little part and is the center of attention throughout the whole program, he plays a great role. Raju Daggubati also has a good role.

Thaman is deserving of praise for his superb soundtrack, which elevates a number of sequences.

Negative Points

The saying, “Forget the logic to enjoy the magic,” sums up Boyapati Sreenu’s latest films rather well, especially the action sequences. In this regard, Skanda Movie Download is not an exception. really while the audience enjoys the battles and gets an adrenaline rush, there may be times when they wonder, “How is this even possible?”

Boyapati Sreenu should focus more on this portion of the tale, as it largely gives nothing new. The film has a languid pace during the second half after losing its initial interest.

In addition to staging crowd-pleasing mass discussions and mass fights that leave fans whistle-blowing, he should devote greater attention to the narrative, which should be captivating.

The songs are not quite in the appropriate place. The remaining songs, with the exception of a few, are unmemorable.

There are just too many characters introduced in the Skanda Movie Download, such Gautami and Indraja, who don’t really add much to the story. If nothing else, the director ought to have allowed them greater freedom to perform a few sentences.

The second half’s emotional section is passable but not particularly strong. It was in need of improvement. While some of the talks are directed towards political parties, some may speak more to general audiences, particularly in B and C centers.

Technical Features:

Skanda Movie Download, Skanda download, skanda telugu movie download, skanda movie ibomma,

Boyapati Sreenu makes a comeback with a popular song that prioritizes action above sentiment. M Ratnam’s speech is passable and occasionally gives me chills.

The dynamic background soundtrack by Thaman elevates several sequences, particularly in the early half. The cinematography by Santosh Detake is excellent, particularly during the battle scenes.

The second half’s several pointless sequences may have been cut for improved pacing, but the editing is still good. The production quality is excellent.


All things considered, Ram Pothineni gives a strong performance in Skanda Movie Download, which also features exciting action sequences and dances that are visually stunning. Fans and general audiences may love this high-octane entertainment, but others may not be as fond of its straightforward plot, nonsensical action scenes, and slow second part. You could watch this Skanda Movie Download this weekend if you don’t mind these things.

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