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The latest web series on ZEE5 is called Vyavastha Web Series, and it debuted recently. Karthik Rathnam, Hebah Patel, as well as Sampath Raj are playing pivotal parts in this drama based on the court system. This online show was directed by Anand Ranga, who also directed Oy. How does it now stand?


On the evening of her wedding, Yamini (played by Hebah Patel) is taken into custody in connection with the murder of her spouse. She seeks the assistance of a well-known attorney by the name of Chakraborty (played by Sampath Kumar), who is the head of the law firm Chak Mate. But Yamini doesn’t have faith in Chakraborty, so she decides to get a new legal representation. Her new legal representation will be provided by Vamsi (Karthik Rathnam), an employee of Chakraborty’s firm. The idea that Vamsi would have adored Yamini in the past is an interesting aspect of this situation. After that, what happened? In this procedure, what difficulties did Vamsi suffer as a result of Chakraborty’s involvement? Who had the final laugh in this situation? This is an important aspect of the series’ overall climax.

Plus Points:

In the role of Vyavastha Web Series, Karthik Rathnam delivered an extremely genuine performance. The young actor, who had previously won acclaim for his work in the films C/o Kancherapalem as well as Narappa, was outstanding in his role in the series and shown strong aplomb in his portrayal. It is unquestionable that Sampath Raj was the one who stole the show after Karthik Rathnam. Sampath Raj did an outstanding job portraying a well-known attorney who makes the decision to do everything in order to increase his wealth.

It is really interesting to watch the episodes that illustrate how Sampath Raj builds monopoly in the judicial system. The show gets off to a great start, and the characters are presented in a way that is both interesting and engaging. The actress Kamna Jetmalani had a supporting part, and she did a respectable job in it. Through the use of her persona, the filmmaker brought up a controversial topic that is unfamiliar to most people. The lines are written quite well, and the programme does get intriguing at various points of Vyavastha Web Series.

Negative Points for:

After the first episode of Vyavastha Web Series, it is difficult to comprehend where the programme is truly going because there is so much going on. We are introduced to a large cast of individuals, and the story also follows a number of side stories that have nothing to do with the main storyline. The filmmaker does an excellent job of laying down the fundamentals of Sampath Raj’s character, but beyond that, the programme never really gets going. The number of scenarios that are similar to one another keeps increasing. There is a lot of circumlocution, which will undoubtedly cause one to lose track of the primary argument that was being made.

In point of fact, the undesirable moments have cast a shadow over the great features that were already there in the series. The majority of the segments have little relation to one another, which results in a weird editing job. In addition, because Hebah Patel disappears for a considerable amount of time, it is difficult to comprehend the point that the filmmakers are trying to make the Vyavastha Web Series.

The main focus was on side stories, which was ultimately detrimental to the quality of the show as a whole. The narrative style of the series is not very engaging, but the central concept, which is to expose the corruption that exists in the judicial system, is a worthwhile one. Despite the fact that it is promoted as a legal drama set in a courtroom, there are not too many courtroom sequences. In addition, the programme is rather lengthy, and finishing it calls for a significant degree of patience on the part of the viewer. Once again, the way in which the series comes to a close is quite disheartening.

Aspects of the Technology:

The background soundtrack composed by Naresh Kumaran is good. Anil Bandari has done a respectable job with the cinematography. The quality of the production is satisfactory. On the other hand, the team responsible for editing might have cut down quite a few extraneous sequences that had nothing to do with the primary narrative. Art director Brahma Kadali done a wonderful job.

When it comes to the director of the series, Anand Ranga, he accomplished a job that was below average with it. He has crammed the series with far too many side stories, all of which distract from the primary point he is trying to make. Due to the fact that the programme contains a significant amount of amateurism, even the few sequences that are passable lack impact. The idea has more promise, but the way things are handled has converted the series into something that is dull and uninteresting to watch.


The courtroom drama Vyavastha Web Series is, all things considered, a drawn-out affair that gets off to a strong start but fizzles out later on. The fundamental idea is sound, and if that it had been carried out in a satisfactory manner, the series would have been captivating. However, a significant amount of attention was paid to secondary storylines rather than the primary one. Watching this series is a chore, with the exception of Sampath Raj and Karthik Rathnam’s strong performances and a few fascinating bits thrown in here and there.

This courtroom drama is brought to vivid life by Karthik Rathnam and Sampath Kumar, who bring to life the friction that exists between young and senior lawyers. Vyavastha Web Series is a film directed by Oy! director Oy! renown. Anand Ranga gets off to a strong start and maintains a respectable middle section, but as the story continues, it begins to lose some of its momentum. As was stated, the principal characters engage in a heated battle both within and outside of the courtroom, analogous to a stressful game of chess. The procedural legal drama, which occasionally resembles one of the famous television shows like Suit and Better Call Saul, possesses all of the elements necessary to make for a compelling series. Nevertheless, the narrative should have been told in a way that was more interesting and engaging, particularly with regard to the subplots, conflicts, and resolves that occurred towards the conclusion. The climax seemed hasty, despite the fact that the previous episode, “Not A Clean Verdict,” was somewhat lengthy.

As the character Vamsi, Karthik Rathnam gave a performance that was both impressive and seamless. He gave the impression of being believable in his role as a young lawyer who aspires to do good and make a difference. On the other side, Sampath Raj, who plays a lawyer who is both vicious and selfish, has a larger-than-life attitude and ensures that his presence is felt throughout the entirety of the series. Given the constraints of their roles, both Hebah Patel as Yamini and Kamna Jethamalini as Gayatri performed a respectable job in their respective performances. Other cast members, including Guru Raj, Bindu Chandramouli, Vamsi Raj Nikkanti, Shivani, Sukurtha Wagle, Kranthi Kiran, Sujith Kumar Reddy, Raja Ashok, and others, provided strong support for the story’s overall narrative.

Alas! If the storyline and execution of the series had been of higher quality, the whole product would have been more effective. Office rivalries and political manoeuvring at the legal firm Checkmate should have been managed more effectively. Despite this, it has a good amount of tension and excitement, making it a watchable piece. If you were to watch all eight episodes in one sitting, you could find it difficult to swallow everything at once. The episodes in question are Nobody Messes With Me, No Smoke Without Fire, A Lawyer by Force, Soft Target, Behind Bars, Tears and Confessions, Road Block, and Not A Clean Verdict. The series boasts a superb cinematography and musical score in the background.

Vyavastha Web Series is a legal drama that has a strong concept but suffers from bad execution. The show seeks to demonstrate the difference between arrangement and systems, but it fails to do it effectively. In spite of this, there is material sufficient for a watch during one’s free time.

Release Date April 28, 2023
StarringKarthik Rathnam, Hebah Patel, Sampath Raj, Kamna Jetmalani, Sukrutha Wagle, Shivani, Sujith Kumar
DirectorAnand Ranga
ProducerPattabi R Chilukuri
Music DirectorNaresh Kumaran
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