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Friendship Comedy Drama

Rating: 4.9/5

EE Nagaraniki Emaindi ? is the subtitle of Tharun Bhascker’s 2018 Telugu-language friendship humour drama film EE Nagaraniki Emaindi Full Movie Download, which was also produced by D. Suresh Babu under the Suresh Productions banner. Vishwak Sen, Sai Sushanth Reddy, Abhinav Gomatam, Venkatesh Kakumanu, Anisha Ambrose, Simran Choudhary, & Galusheya Daria are among the actors that appear in the movie. With videography by Niketh Bommireddy, editing by Ravi Teja Girijala, and music by Vivek Sagar. The movie premiered on June 29, 2018. Its humour, acting, writing, and conversation got rave reviews.


EE Nagaraniki Emaindi Full Movie Download, Childhood friends Vivek, Karthik, Kaushik, and Uppi want to pursue careers in filmmaking when they are in college. However, they finally abandon their goals and find other employment. Karthik manages a club and has plans to wed his boss’s daughter and settle in the US; Kaushik works as a dubbing writer and aspires to be an actor; and Uppi is a wedding editor. Vivek quits his job and lives alone since he can’t move on from his split with Shilpa. Four of them are invited by Karthik to a bachelor party, where they run into Shirley. She joins them for a lighthearted promotional competition during which they tell Shirley about their longtime friendship, their initial short film project, and Vivek’s love story. Inviting them to an event in Goa, Shirley then departs.

They all wind up in Goa as a result of an incident at the party. There, they come upon Dasha and Shirley, who give them a place to stay. Karthik misplaces the engagement ring that his boss gave him, thus he needs to spend 5 lakhs to replace it. They choose to take part in the Goa short movie festival in order to win prizes. Due to his failed relationship with Shilpa in the past, Vivek first declines to create a romantic comedy film, but he eventually accepts because they have no other options. Kaushik and Dasha star in the movie, which Uppi edits and Karthik handles the cinematography for. Unfortunately, Vivek was unable to escape his history, and the movie had a depressing conclusion as a result. Later, he abandons the idea because he is afraid of the criticism. The remaining three intended to alter the tragic conclusion at this point as Vivek drank and slept off, but they were apprehended by cops on patrol and imprisoned in a police station in EE Nagaraniki Emaindi Full Movie Download.

The following day, when the EE Nagaraniki Emaindi Full Movie Download is being edited, Vivek wakes up and rants at Karthik as he is participating in an online engagement since they changed his conclusion. He confesses that the reason they arrived in Goa was at Karthik’s inebriated request. Karthik annuls his marriage and makes up with Vivek after seeing that he is sacrificing everything else for social standing. As Uppi transitions into an editor, Kaushik gains the courage to perform in movies. Finally moving over his separation, Vivek expresses his emotions to Shirley and transforms into a calm individual free of rage. They begin production on their debut feature film, Pelli Choopulu, starring Vijay Devarakonda, after working on a few short films.


  • As Vivek, played by Vishwak Sen, a devastated man quits his profession and withdraws from society.
  • Karthik, a club manager who wants to relocate in the US by marrying his boss’s daughter, is portrayed by Sai Sushanth Reddy.
  • Kaushik, played by Abhinav Gomatam, is a dubbing artist who wants to act.
  • Upender “Uppi,” a wedding editor with a love for cinema, is portrayed by Venkatesh Kakumanu.
  • Anisha Ambrose plays Shirley, the presenter of a promotional contest who falls in love with Vivek.
  • Shilpa, played by Simran Choudhary, was Vivek’s ex-girlfriend.
  • In Vivek’s Goa short film, Galusheya Daria plays Dasha, Shirley’s companion and the main character.
  • Satvik, Kaushik’s nephew, participates in the group’s shenanigans and is played by Arjun.
  • Karthik’s employer, Viren Thambidorai, has his own plans for his child’s future.
  • Jeevan Kumar plays the role of Vivek’s police officer uncle.
  • Kaushik’s father is played by Revathi Nadha Pulipati.
  • This gang of pals robs Vijay Kumar, who runs a camera rental business in Goa, of a vintage camera lens so they may use it in their short film.
  • Geetha Bhaskar plays the mother of Vivek, who is concerned about her son’s loneliness.
  • As Kaushik’s sister, Mounima encourages her brother’s aspirations.
  • As a lecturer in Vivek’s college lab, Ranjani Sivakumar.
  • Jury member for the Goa short film festival is Tharun Bhascker.
  • As himself, Vijay Deverakonda made a cameo appearance while Pelli Choopulu was being filmed.
  • In a cameo appearance, Gautham Vasudev Menon appears as himself.

Gaining Ground of EE Nagaraniki Emaindi Full Movie Download

For his second film, Tharun Bhascker once more selects a script written by young people. One might claim that he didn’t really have a plot for the movie; instead, he basically showed how close friends interact before getting married. The film works because of how he wrote each of his characters. Every character’s backstory and feelings are accurate.

One of the major benefits is the youthful star cast, who performs fantastically. If Priyadarshi was the star of Pelli Choopulu, Abhinav Gomatam is the star of this movie. He is the one who will draw the audience to the theatres since his humour is so successful. The way Abbhinav delivered his lines and made jokes throughout the drinking scene was too funny.

The actor who plays the man in a breakup, Vishwak Sen, is quite outstanding. The friendship between the four buddies is one of the movie’s strongest points. You will undoubtedly be brought back to all of your pals and the times you have had with them.

In her short role, Anisha Ambrose is adorable. The second half’s comedy does a fantastic job of holding the movie together. There are several touching moments, and the friendship between the friends has been powerfully displayed. The film was shot in a really fascinating way, with elaborate sets and scenes.

Negative Points:

The movie takes its sweet time to get into the right frame of mind. A portion of the audience can become a little bored during the first half when all the characters are presented very slowly.

The movie doesn’t have a significant conflict either because it draws extensively from Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The romance portion is a little boring, and several situations lack tension.

Technical Details

The picture appears incredibly classy in every way thanks to the incredible camerawork. A special note should be made of the dialogues, which were crafted with great humour and frequently left the audience in stitches. Vivek Sagar’s music and background soundtrack are remarkable and effectively advance the plot. Suresh Productions’ set design, costumes, and overall production qualities are of the highest calibre.

With Pelli Choopulu, the filmmaker Tharun Bhascker pioneered the new generation of romantic comedies, and with this movie, he introduces the buddy comedy subgenre to Tollywood. He keeps things straightforward and emphasises the enjoyable and emotional interactions among friends, which are typical among young people. It was remarkable how he wrote the side stories for his buddies and produced funny material throughout. Although the love track in this movie lacked his Pelli Choopulu charm, his overall narration was strong and would undoubtedly appeal to young people.


With EE Nagaraniki Emaindi Full Movie Download, Tollywood enters the little explored buddy comedy genre. Although there isn’t a compelling plot in this film, there are plenty of enjoyable and priceless moments that a group of friends would experience in real life. The movie will undoubtedly appeal to the younger crowd since it provides enjoyable entertainment that is relevant. On the other hand, it is obvious that not all segments of the audience who are accustomed to the standard setup will enjoy this movie. If not, we may argue that Tollywood is evolving quickly and producing intriguing films one after the other, and this movie is one of them. Do see this movie with your friends and enjoy it, as it is said on the posters. You won’t be dissatisfied.


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