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2018 (Telugu)


Rating: 3.5/5

2018 Movie Watch Online – An Indian Malayalam-language survival movie on the 2018 Kerala floods is titled 2018: Everyone is a Hero. With an all-star supporting cast that includes Tovino Thomas, Kunchacko Boban, Narain, Asif Ali, Vineeth Sreenivasan, and Lal, it is directed by Jude Anthany Joseph, who also authored the script with Akhil P. Dharmajan.

It finally came out on May 5, 2023, instead of the original release date of April 21, 2023. The cast’s performances, the director’s directing, the screenplay, and the photography all garnered positive reviews. It was the seventh-highest earning Indian film of 2023 and the highest-earning Malayalam film of all time after bringing in over 176 crores at the box office.

Plot of 2018 Movie Watch Online

A TV journalist from Kerala named Noora is covering the water crisis in Lakshmipuram, which is close to Pondicherry. Sethupathi’s vehicle damages her automobile that was parked on a local road because he dislikes Keralites. Sethupathi is a truck driver who treats his sole family—an elderly mother and a little daughter—rudely in 2018 Movie Watch Online.

Anoop, a former soldier who now resides in Aruvikkulam, is awaiting a visa to Dubai while employed as an assistant at a nearby store run by Bhasi, a blind man. Manju, who was employed in Delhi, accepts a position as a teacher at the adjacent school. Anoop and Manju begin dating after falling in love. Their union is set in stone and their parents are on board with the relationship.

Mathachan and his young son Winston, two fisherman from Kollam, Kerala, dive into the water to save three other fisherman who are stranded at sea during a storm.

Rameshan, an IT professional in Abu Dhabi, has a strained relationship with his wife Anupama, whose father wants the couple to get a divorce. In the meanwhile, Rameshan’s mother trips and falls, and Anu takes her to the hospital while she waits for Rameshan to arrive and take over.

An employee of the Government Information Centre in Alappuzha is Shaji Punnoose. He balances his work between preparing for the wedding of his newly built home in Aruvikkulam and broadcasting the important flood information. He has a little daughter and a wife.

In the 2018 Movie Watch Online, Nixon, Mathachan’s younger son, despises his family’s traditional work of fishing and harbours modelling aspirations, much to the chagrin of his father and brother. He is in love with Chandy’s daughter, a successful businesswoman. Chandy says he is uncomfortable with his daughter marrying into a family of fishermen when Nixon brings his family to his house with a formal proposal. He also points out that the locals always relocate to relief camps during torrential downpours every year and doesn’t want his daughter to experience this.

Everyone is angry. Later, back home, Winston’s wife comforts everyone by claiming Chandy was mistaken to make such a remark about them and that the sense of camaraderie and togetherness in their neighbourhood makes the short months spent at the relief camp worthwhile. Nixon leaves Mathachan and Winston after a contentious argument to focus on modelling in Kochi. He stays at a friend’s place and arranges to meet a well-known photographer to get some shots for his portfolio.

A taxi driver named Koshy is given the task of bringing two Polish visitors throughout Kerala. He and the visitors always encounter closed off areas and highways as a result of flooding and excessive weather. Finally, when they arrive in Aruvikkulam, Anoop accepts Koshy and the two foreign visitors into his house, referring to it as a homestay at his friend’s suggestion. The foreign pair stays in Anoop’s home contentedly and participates in group cooking for the flood relief camp. Koshy’s home in Kuttanadu is also revealed to have been affected by flooding, but he seems unfazed because flooding is a common occurrence in Kuttanad’s low-lying districts in 2018 Movie Watch Online.

2018 Movie Watch Online: Rameshan is travelling to visit his mother who is in the hospital. Due to flooding, the Kochi airport is blocked, therefore his aircraft arrives in Coimbatore. He boarded the Coimbatore train, which was struck by a landslip at Palakkad. He cannot reach home since his phone is out of battery. He discovers a Tamilian guy going to Thrissur seeking company and is uninjured. They both eventually get to board Sethupathi’s vehicle after considerable struggle.

Sethupathi was travelling to Kerala to provide supplies, grains, and some locally produced explosives to some protesters there who were opposing a factory along the Periyar River. His truck boss had given him this task in a very covert manner. Sethupathi hears Rameshan on his phone chatting to his mother, and he subsequently learns about the Kerala floods and the people they have touched. Rameshan changes his mind and detonates the explosives after an emotional talk with his family and news footage. Sethupathi receives a gift from Rameshan for his daughter. Sethupathi visits the relief camp and brings all the food donations with him. To the surprise of his mother and daughter, he calls them and speaks affectionately to them.

In the Aruvikkulam school relief camp, a pregnant woman gives birth but is unable to travel to the hospital because of the flood. Anoop shines lamps to get the pilot’s attention when a helicopter flies over, but it is too risky to land. Anoop makes contact with the pilot and, using his military background as a guide, assists in airlifting the pregnant woman and transporting her to the hospital. After his life-saving deed, the villagers who previously made fun of him for leaving the army and wandering around without a job start applauding him, and Manju is also pleased.

To assist those who are trapped in the flood, Mathachan, Winston, and other local fishermen launch their boats. When Chandy and his family are among people their team saves, he expresses gratitude to them for doing so. Mathachan and Winston are happy to see Nixon join his coast guard members in the rescue efforts. Nixon is also spotted to join his coast guard members. A wall of the Aruvikkulam school relief camp crashes on Mathachan, killing him. His passing shatters Nixon and Winston. Cleetus, an Aruvikkulam native who has so far been depicted as being smug and walking around, arrives in tears to request assistance in rescuing his estranged brother Joseph and his family who are trapped in their house that is now completely buried in the ground as a result of a violent landslip. Nixon and Winston follow Cleetus. They locate Joseph’s home after a protracted search and save his family. Joseph and Cleetus are united in 2018 Movie Watch Online.

When Shaji learns about the damage the floodwaters have caused in his community, he is horrified. He watches television footage of his brand-new home crumbling while at his Alappuzha workplace. He sobs and wonders aloud if his wife and daughter were among the victims of the fallen house, but none of his coworkers are able to comfort him.

Nixon bravely assists a student in Aruvikkulam who excels academically in retrieving her honour certificates from her flooded home.

When the floodwaters struck, Varghese’s wife took care of their son Abin, who has autism. A few days prior, Abin had fallen off a bicycle and shattered his hand and leg. A large tree that fell and blocked the entrance to the Varghese family’s home prevented them from leaving as the floodwaters rushed in. When Anoop discovers that Varghese and his family have not yet arrived at a relief camp, he boards a boat and travels to their home, of which only the rooftop is still visible above the water. Abin’s screams are heard by Anoop, who then saves him and his family. Anoop witnesses the blind Bhasi fall into the sea as they make their way back to camp. In order to save Bhasi, Anoop dives into the sea. Saved is Bhasi. Anoop drowns after getting his foot caught between two rocks while trying to save Bhasi.

After many days, the floodwaters had subsided. Many of the flood-damaged homes are in ruins, and muck has covered the livable homes. People begin to return to their houses as they gradually recuperate. Nixon joins his brother Winston in fishing while continuing his modelling career; Rameshan arrives home with his mother who has been released from the hospital and his wife who they have reconciled; and Shaji discovers his wife and daughter in the hospital. The flood reporter Noora has returned home with her family.

His father is pleased to learn that his son, whom they had mistaken for a lazy gadget snob, was actually the driving force of a group on WhatsApp that orchestrated important rescue and rehabilitation activities in Kerala. The international couple is taken to Koshy’s home in Kuttanad where they spend the day enjoying local cuisine. Koshy then sees them off at the airport and they thank him for an incredible trip. In his hamlet, a memorial to Anoop is erected, and Bhasi may be seen vending lottery there. While Abin and the oldest daughter of the pregnant woman Anoop saved lay roses at his monument, Manju laments Anoop as she walks by.

Gaining Ground

‘2018 Movie Watch Online’ is one of the few films that can captivate audiences and take them on a trip with the characters. Although there are no significant twists or turns in the tale, it is fantastic because of the well-developed characters and narration.

A heartfelt plot is presented by director Jude Anthany Joseph. While the protagonists may be difficult for viewers to understand in the first half, the second half makes the director’s goals plain. He tells the tale with interest, and his pleasant representation of emotions makes the audience feel the events as they transpire on television in 2018 Full Movie Watch Online.

For adopting this script while not being the protagonist, Tovino Thomas merits recognition. He transitions from dreading death to being a heroic guy who struggles against the obstacles to save multiple others, which is a well-designed character development. Lal, who plays Mathachan, gives a remarkable performance as a fisherman who goes above and beyond to save thousands of people from the disastrous floods. With their respectable performances, Narain and Kalayirasan also make a lasting impact, and the rest of the cast does well in their assigned parts of 2018 Movie Watch Online.

In addition to the compelling plot, the film’s superb camera work and outstanding background soundtrack provide an intense atmosphere, particularly in the second half. They make a substantial contribution to the movie and keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Negative Points:

One problem with “2018” is that it doesn’t show much of what the government and the media were up to during the difficult Kerala floods of 2018 Movie Watch Online. Although the director’s main goal is to advance humanity above all else, he ought to have also emphasised the government’s and media’s contributions to the situation.

It is disappointing that Aparna Balamurali, a well-known character in the movie, has such little screen time. She should have appeared in more sequences, according to the director.

As the filmmaker concentrates more on the people and their problems than on the major narrative in the first half of the film, viewers may become confused. Some of the characters, such Tanvi Ram and Gauthami Nair, don’t significantly affect the story, which can leave viewers disappointed. Although the movie has several shortcomings, they are minor because of the spectators’ strong emotions, which make them forget about everything else and keep them riveted to the screen.

The filmmaker might have increased the suspense in the narrative by including more sequences involving the dam’s deterioration.

Technical Details

Jude Anthany Joseph deserves praise for producing a believable tale that depicts people’s concerns and their determination to defend one another in the face of a natural disaster. His writing is extremely strong, especially in the second half where he really captures the feelings of the characters.

Thanks to the outstanding work of the production design team, cinematographer Akhil George, and composer Nobin Paul, the movie is a technological marvel.

Chaman Chakko’s editing is passable, although he might have improved “2018” by cutting a few sequences from the early half. The production qualities are high, and the visual effects work fosters an exciting environment. Additionally decent is the Telugu dubbing.


Overall, “2018” is a well-made movie that engages viewers and elicits strong feelings. The film’s highlights are Tovino Thomas, Lal, and Narain’s superb performances, the outstanding soundtrack, and the cinematography. The movie includes numerous high moments that will keep viewers emotionally invested, with the exception of a few pointless parts. This weekend, you may see this movie without a doubt.

Release DateMay 26, 2023
CastTovino Thomas, Lal, Narain, Aparna Balamurali, Kalayirasan, Aju Varghese, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Kunchacko Boban
Director Jude Anthany Joseph
ProducersVenu Kunnappilly, CK Padma Kumar and Anto Joseph
EditiorChaman Chakko
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