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Rating: 2/5

Since they acknowledged their connection to the public, the extraordinary pair Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh have been the subject of much speculation and discussion in the local community. They have both appeared in the movie Malli Pelli Full Movie, which is based on their real lives and bears startling similarities to those lives. Malli Pelli Full Movie director, the seasoned filmmaker M.S. Raju, was the man behind the camera. The movie was released in theaters earlier today, and there has been a lot of positive talk about it; let’s see how it turns out.


Narendra, sometimes known as Naresh, is a well-known actor in Telugu. Even though he is worth hundreds of millions of rupees, he does not have mental tranquility because his marriages have all ended in divorce. He eventually weds Soumya Sethupathi, played by Vanitha Vijayakumar, but even this marriage is unable to bring him contentment. On the set of one of his movies, he runs across the Karnataka actress Parvathy (Pavitra Lokesh). Narendra comes to realize how he feels for Parvathy over time and eventually expresses his sentiments to her. Fear of being exposed in the media is what prevents Parvathy from dating Narendra, despite the fact that she has a dreadful love life. What sorts of challenges did they need to overcome in order to coexist? This is an important factor in the plot of the narrative.

Plus Points:

The decision made by the filmmaker to tell the tale in chapters was one that turned out to be rather successful for the movie. Specifically, the chapter titled “The mistake” that included Narendra and Soumya’s characters was dealt with in a clean manner. The plot of the movie is around two actors who have a relationship that involves living together. They are able to find comfort in one another, and it is essential that the primary performers have a strong chemistry together. The filmmakers did a good job with this element, and there are several fun sequences throughout the film.

The casting of Malli Pelli Full Movie is also one of the nicest things that could have occurred to it. Everyone performed an outstanding performance in the spirit of competing with one another. Even though they don’t have a lot of screen time, Jayasudha, Annapoornamma, & Sarath Kumar nonetheless manage to leave an impression. Because Naresh is such a talented actor, it was exciting to watch him take the lead part in this production. This movie was a perfect fit for Naresh, and Pavitra Lokesh was an excellent complement to him in the role. She gave an outstanding performance and brought an additional layer of complexity to the proceedings.

But without a doubt, Vanitha Vijayakumar was the one who stole the show. She delivered an outstanding performance in her role as Naresh’s wife, and as a result, she was awarded the prize. The audience will become emotionally invested in the movie since both half have a suitable number of comedic and dramatic moments.

Negative Points for:

It is well knowledge that the storyline of the film is derived from actual events that occurred in the lives of Pavitra Lokesh & Naresh. As a result, it could elicit a strong reaction of disapproval from some persons, on the basis of whom some characters are developed. There is no way to tell whether or not the events depicted in the movie are based on real life or whether or not they are fabricated for dramatic effect. Even though it’s entertaining and has a good story, some people could find the movie to be insulting.

The flashback scene that is associated with Parvathy’s character is overly drawn out, which leads to boredom. There were some enjoyable parts in the first half, but the beginning of the second hour is marred by a background that disrupts the flow. In the second part of the movie, there is a lot of time that is wasted, but as the movie draws closer to its conclusion, things start to make more sense.

Even though the movie is just about 130 minutes long, the languid pace creates the impression that it is much longer than that. The editing staff had the opportunity to make things better by cutting it down to a more manageable length. Because of the nature of the movie, there is a possibility that some audience members will have negative responses. In addition, individuals who have no interest in the lives of Naresh and Pavitra might not find the movie to be interesting.

Aspects of the Technology:

The music composers Suresh Bobbili and Aruldev accomplished an excellent job, as seen by the songs’ lovely compositions, which they oversaw. The soundtrack in the background was also quite nice. The excellent cinematography that Bal Reddy provided made the movie appear very expensive. The dialogues are not only skillfully crafted, but they also come out as reasonable. The production qualities are quite high-caliber, however the editing might have been better.

Regarding the movie’s writer and director, M.S. Raju, I think he did an okay job with it overall. He did a good job of presenting what he meant to say in a clear and concise manner; nevertheless, as was said before, the very nature of the video may frustrate a few viewers. In addition to this, the audience would likely have a great deal of uncertainty regarding the veracity of the items that were shown.


In its entirety, Malli Pelli Full Movie is the story of an adventurous couple who have a few things working in their favor. Excellent performances were given by Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, Vanitha Vijayakumar, & Jayasudha in their respective parts. M.S. Raju was able to generate some nice moments, but the truthfulness aspect is still a mystery because the movie is based on Naresh and Pavitra’s true life. Additionally, the plodding narrative diminishes the effect at several points. As a result, watching the movie this weekend is something that you should consider doing.

The movie Malli Pelli Full Movie directed by MS Raju is even better than the trailer for the film makes it seem to be. The movie revisits a number of high-profile situations which Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh had to deal with, filling in the blanks and rehashing a narrative that everybody thinks they already know. We take everything with a grain of salt since some of the scenarios are so over the top theatrical.

When Narendra (Naresh) encounters Parvati (Pavitra Lokesh) on set, he appears to develop feelings for her almost immediately. He even researches her on the internet and comments on how beautiful she has always been (with Ananya Nagalla portraying her in her earlier years). Despite the fact that they have a kid together, he and his spouse Soumya (Vanitha Vijaykumar) are no longer on good terms, therefore he has no qualms about moving on. It would appear that Narendra’s mother (Jayasudha) or stepfather (Sarath Babu) are the only people who can make him content. Like him, Parvati is a married woman, but unlike him, she appears to take pleasure in her partnership. But one day all will shift, and what will follow is complete anarchy.

MS Raju chooses specific public occurrences from Naresh and Pavitra’s lives and weaves the tale around them in a manner that is not sequential. As we answer questions about how Narendra and Parvati got to the point that they are at today, we go back and forth in time between today and the past. It is explained to us that these two lonely individuals find comfort in each other, and that their relationship consists of more than simply a physical connection. You might not believe all that you see on the screen, but you can see why these two people might be able to find peace with one another after living lives that appeared to be anything but that.

The movie falls flat, however, when it attempts to legitimize Narendra and Parvati’s love by turning their lovers into caricatures of themselves. This is where the movie fails. You can probably figure out how she is portrayed given that the claims leveled against ‘Soumya’ are known to the public in both the play and in real life. She makes a good first impression on him, but when he refuses to give her what she wants, she becomes hysterical and loses her composure. The discussions that Vanitha is given, as well as the back-and-forth that she and Narendra engage in, are not helpful. The same can be said for Parvati’s long-term live-in spouse, who is also active in the Kannada cinema business as an actress and a screenwriter. Even if the reason that Parvati wants to leave him is a genuine one, the moment in which she does so is so theatrical that it is difficult to take it seriously.

Malli Pelli Full Movie wavers between displaying a scenario in which no judgment is made, or moral problems are asked about two mature adults who consent who are in love, and exaggerated moments in which partners turn into supervillains. It goes without saying that another example of clich√© is the way the media is depicted. And after being subjected to a significant amount of that, by the time the climax arrives, it doesn’t land the way it’s intended to land. The finale refers to the “gotcha moment” that Naresh’s partner pulled off in actual life, so while what they depict could be genuine, it does not pull at your heartstrings the way it is meant to. It’s possible that things might have gone better for the couple if the story had been told in a more even-handed way.

Both Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh do a good job playing their roles, even though the former occasionally goes a little too far in key instances. Annapoorna gives a strong performance of herself in the role that she portrays on TV. Vanitha is only given the opportunity to play a one-note role, but she excels at it, as do the rest of the cast members in the movie. The film is helped tremendously by Suresh Bobbili and Aruldev’s contributions to the score, as well as by Junaid Siddiqui and Bal Reddy’s work as editors and cinematographers, respectively. Despite the fact that the language may have been stronger, MS Raju is able to pull off certain sequences effectively.

At the end of the day, Malli Pelli Full Movie is a story about two consenting individuals who happen to fall in love against the pressures and expectations of society. If anything like that interests you, you should check it out.

Rating: 2.75/5

Movie NameMalli Pelli 2023
Release DateMay 26, 2023
StarringNaresh, Pavitra Lokesh, Jayasudha, Sarathbabu. Vanitha Vijayakumar, Ananya Nagella, Roshan, Ravivarma, and Annapoornamma
DirectorM.S. Raju
Music Directoruresh Bobbili and Aruldev
CinematographyBal Reddy
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