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When a crowd enters Venkata Chalapathy’s home in Rudravanam, Tamil Nadu, in 1979, they accuse them of being responsible for the recent unexplained deaths of youngsters in their community and set them on fire. Chalapathy’s wife curses the entire hamlet, prophesying its demise in the following twelve years. The locals later allow Bhairava, Chalapathy’s kid, to enter an orphanage.

Surya visits his hometown of Rudravanam in 1991 with his mother and a friend in order to take part in a festival. But after a villager passes away at the temple, the community is under lockdown out of fear of a curse. During the eight-day lockdown, which the village priest imposes, no one is allowed to enter or leave.

Surya and his family are requested to leave before nightfall despite the fact that they are village residents and have not lived there for more than ten years. Surya had intended to depart, but he subsequently changed his mind after falling in love with Nandini while administering shots to her in an emergency.

His prompt assistance is acknowledged by Nandini by giving her a pendant. Now that the rite is over, Surya must remain in the community. That evening, Sudha makes the decision to violate the lockdown regulations and elope with her boyfriend Kumar. Unfortunately, Kumar is killed by an approaching train while they are chatting, shocking Sudha, who then accidentally stumbles into a beehive and is fatally attacked by bees.

in Virupaksha Full Movie ibomma, Strange occurrences start to happen as the lockdown goes on, and more people start to die as a result of individuals trying to kill themselves after witnessing another person attempt suicide. An Aghora tells the community about the error of enforcing lockdown and about black magic being used against the community; he offers to assist but is turned down by the local priest.Surya starts looking into the curse and finds out about the past of Venkata Chalapathy and his wife.

The villagers decide to sacrifice Nandini, the most recent victim of the curse, in order to break the spell. Surya discovers that Bhairava is indeed still alive and seeks retribution for the demise of his parents. Surya leaves the hamlet in quest of a solution after promising that he will discover a means to break the curse and save Nandini within eight hours. It is revealed that Kumar is actually Bhairava and that his covert collaborator in the village has been aiding him with the spell when Surya, with the aid of an Aghora, locates the cave where the spell has been placed in Virupaksha Full Movie ibomma.

Surya confronts Nandini after realising she is Bhairava’s covert helper. Nandini discloses that she is Bhairava’s sister, that her parents were kind people, and that her father, a practitioner of Atharvana Veda, had been using his knowledge to treat his wife’s illness when the villagers mistaken it for bad deeds and killed them. To exact retribution for the passing of their parents, Bhairava and Nandini are both after the whole community.

As Surya was not involved in her parents’ deaths, Nandini makes the decision to break up with him. Surya chooses to battle Nandini in order to save the community but refuses to leave. Given that Surya is wearing her pendant and is protected from her own magical abilities by it, Nandini is unable to assault him. Nandini learns that she loves Surya when he confesses his love to her. When given the option of either murdering Surya or the entire village, Nandini begs him to kill her, and he obliges, putting an end to the death scourge. Surya, who is administering Nandini’s last rites, asks the villagers to abandon their taboo against bad deeds while he gazes at Nandini’s pendant in his palm, which causes his eyes to sparkle. This is the story of Virupaksha Full Movie ibomma.


Directed byKarthik Varma Dandu
Screenplay bySukumar
Dialogues byV. PrabhakarNagu
Story byKarthik Varma Dandu
Produced byB. V. S. N. PrasadSukumar
StarringSai Dharam Tej, Samyuktha Menon, Sunil, Brahmaji, Rajeev Kanakala, Ajay, Ravi Krishna
CinematographyShamdat Sainudeen
Edited byNavin Nooli
Music byB. Ajaneesh Loknath
Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra, Sukumar Writings
Release date21 April 2023
Running time2.5 Hours
Box officeOne Hundred and three crore


Sai Dharam TejHero – Surya
Samyuktha MenonHeroine – Nandini
SunilAbbai Raju
Rajiv kanakalaHarishchandra Prasad
BramajiRMP Doctor Koti

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