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Staring: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh and more.

The 2023 Indian mythological action movie Adipurush Full Movie centres on the Hindu epic Ramayana. Om Raut wrote and directed the movie, which was made by T-Series & Retrophiles. The movie, starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, and Devdatta Nage, was concurrently shot in Hindi and Telugu.

In August 2020, Adipurush Full Movie was made public via a legitimate motion poster. Taking place mostly in Mumbai, principal photography started in February 2021 and completed in November 2021. Ajay-Atul is the music composer for the movie. Adipurush is one of the most costly Indian films, with a budget of 500 crore (US$63 million).

Adipurush Full Movie Download was released on June 16, 2023, to mixed reviews from critics who appreciated the soundtrack but condemned Raut’s directing, writing, aesthetics, and departure from the original content.


Adipurush Full Movie ibomma, The fabled prince of Ayodhya in the Kosala kingdom is named Raghava. As requested by Raghava’s stepmother Kaikeyi, Raghava’s father King Dasharatha sends him into a 14-year exile to the wilderness. Raghava journeys across Indian subcontinental jungles with his wife, Janaki, and brother, Sesh. However, one day Lankesh, the king of Lanka, kidnaps Janaki and takes her away, starting a conflict that eventually culminated in Lankesh’s assassination and Raghava’s return to Ayodhya, where Raghava is proclaimed king amid joy and rejoicing.


A promotional poster published on August 18, 2020, announced the release of the Ramayana adaption Adipurush Full Movie. Under the direction of Om Raut, who previously oversaw the historical action movie Tanhaji (2020), Prabhas plays Lord Rama. Om Raut was inspired to convert the Ramayana into a movie utilising contemporary technologies after watching the 1992 Japanese movie Ramayana: the Legend of King Rama. In the middle of India’s COVID-19 shutdown, Raut composed the script. As soon as Prabhas saw the concept, he liked it, and T-Series Films agreed to produce it.

Adipurush Movie Ibomma, had a budget of 500 crore (US$63 million), making it one of the most costly Indian films ever filmed. The cost of the visual effects is expected to be 250 crore (US$31 million). The initial budget was projected to be Rs. 400 crore (about $50 million). However, the budget was upped to 500 crore (US$63 million) to strengthen and enhance visual effects, CGI, lighting, and colour grading after the intense criticism to the visual effects and CGI on the movie’s trailer. It was concurrently shot in Telugu and Hindi, and it was also shot in 3D.


The actors announced in September 2020 that Prabhas is portraying Lord Rama, whose character name was eventually revealed to be Raghava. Saif Ali Khan, who previously played a villain in Raut’s Tanhaji, has been cast in the character of Lankesh, Ravana. It was rumoured in November 2020 that Kriti Sanon had been cast to play the character of Sita after reports of Anushka Shetty, the actress Kiara Advani, and Keerthy Suresh were reported to be being contacted for the role. Her presence in the movie was confirmed by the producers four months later in March 2021.Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama, is played by Sunny Singh, who began working on the sets in February 2021.


On January 19, 2021, the motion capture session for Adipurush Full Movie began. On February 2, 2021, Muhurtam was officially shot and launched in Mumbai, India. The movie’s main photography started on that day, according to the creators. On the same day, a significant fire disaster occurred at the Mumbai site used for filming. Due to the fire outbreak, duplicate sets were constructed in the same manner. The filming for Khan and Sanon was completed in October 2021. The filming was finished on November 10, 2021.

Adipurush Full Movie, the latest movie starring Prabhas, is without a doubt the one to cause mayhem. Om Raut, known for his work on Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, is the film’s director. It is based on the Indian epic Ramayana. Saif Ali Khan, a Bollywood star hero, played the demon king Ravanasura, while Kriti Sanon played Sita. This masterpiece was supported by T-Series and Retrophiles. Adipurush Full Movie premiered today to extraordinary fanfare and excitement. Check to see if the movie lives up to the expectations.


The Yuddha Kanda is highlighted by Adipurush Full Movie in the Ramayana. The story opens with Lord Rama, also known as Raghava (Prabhas), being exiled from his home country of Ayodhya for a period of 14 years by order of his father Dasaratha. Kaikeyi, the mother of Bharata and Dasaradha’s younger wife, requests that Lord Rama be dispatched to the jungle so that her son might be crowned. Lord Rama travels in exile with Sita, also known as Janaki (Kriti Sanon), and Seshu, also known as Lakshmana (Sunny Singh). One day, the demon king Ravana (Saif Ali Khan) diverts Rama and Seshu with a magical deer in order to kidnap Sita. The remainder of the movie is about how Lord Rama defeated Ravana and took Sita back after meeting Hanuman (Devdatte Naga) later.

Gaining Ground

Prabhas is one of the very few actors of the contemporary age who can successfully portray legendary or recurring characters. Adipurush wouldn’t have been any better if another actor had played Lord Sri Rama because of the actor’s unequalled charisma and nobility. The PAN-India star is a major revelation because to his charisma, demeanour, and dialogue delivery; he is ideal for the role of Lord Rama. He has an unmistakable screen presence and a knack of speaking in long conversations.

Saif Ali Khan is just another wonderful event to have occurred to Adipurush. Saif Ali Khan was chosen by the casting crew, who had the difficult challenge of finding an actor who could compete with Prabhas. The lead actor, who portrays Lankesh, a.k.a. Ravanasura, gives an outstanding performance that intensifies the film’s ferocity. Saif Ali Khan delivers a flawless performance, earning him extra points.

For someone like Kriti Sanon, who has primarily portrayed gorgeous characters in her career, the Sita character is undoubtedly challenging, but boy, is she great as Janaki, aka Sita. Kriti’s stunning appearance and her mature acting give the action dimension. The Marathi actor Devdatte Nage gave the character of Lord Hanuman life. Sonal Chauhan, Vatsal Sheth, and Sunny Singh all meet the requirementsin Adipurush Full Movie.

Negative Points:

The second half failed to maintain the energy, even if the first half was rather interesting. It gets off to a sluggish start since the events shown here seem uninteresting. The final combat dominates the majority of the screen time and, after a while, becomes tiresome to watch. To improve things, the editing crew need to have trimmed the duration by ten minutes.

Sadly, every worry regarding the VFX has come true. The crew spent a lot of time revisiting the VFX work after receiving harsh criticism for the teaser from everyone. But in this regard, the outcome falls short of expectations. The visual effects are poor for a film with a 500 crore budget.

Adipurush Full Movie also has the additional flaw of being primarily shot in Hindi. Since the producers said that it was a Telugu-Hindi bilingual, it is definitely a significant disappointment when we watch performers mouthing Hindi phrases. This problem occasionally slowed down the effect. Many people may not like the way the Lanka planet and Ravanasura’s appearance are developed. certain scenes appear exaggerated because the filmmakers took certain artistic liberties.

Technical Details

Bheem Sreenivas writes excellent Telugu dialogue. The music was composed by the Ajay-Atul combo, while the Telugu lyrics were written by Ramajogayya Sastry. Songs like Shivoham and Jai Shree Ram stand out and are bound to make you shiver. Sanchit and Ankit Balhara created a stunning background soundtrack.

The movie has a contemporary feel because to the clothes created by Nachiket Barve. The Lanka world has been shown in a new way, therefore the production design made by Priya Suhass and Nishanth Jogdand could elicit conflicting responses. In a few scenes, the 3D effects are effective.

The film’s VFX fall short despite the creators’ all-out effort and significant investment. Nice cinematography by Karthik Palani. Editing is desperately needed, especially for the second half of the film. The action set pieces’ choreography is unexceptional, and they lack intrigue.

In terms of the movie’s direction, Om Raut accomplished a respectable job. The first half’s management of the situation appears to be fine, but the second half should have been handled with greater caution. Om Raut concentrated more on emotions in his debut Hindi film, Tanhaji, but now he paid more attention to spectacular effects. Adipurush might have had a tremendous performance with a stronger second half.


Overall, Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Devdatte Nage provide strong performances in Adipurush Full Movie, a modernised rendition of the Ramayana. The first part of the movie is quite good, but the second half is dreadful. The melodies and accompanying music are helpful and more than make up for the poor VFX job. Om Raut succeeds in injecting some enjoyable moments despite the well-known story. How family audiences react to this revamped rendition of the Indian classic will determine the film’s chances at the box office. Adipurush would make for a watchable weekend movie if you could overlook the second half’s lack of action.

DirectorOm Raut
WritterOm Raut
Story Ramayana
by Valmiki
Produced byBhushan Kumar
Starring CastPrabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh and more.
CinematographyKarthik Palani
EditorsApurva Motiwale Sahai, Ashish Mhatre
Music Artists Sanchit Balhara, Ankit Balhara
Songs:Ajay-Atul, Sachet–Parampara
Production HouseT-Series Films
Distribution Language wiseAA Films (Hindi)
UV Creations (Telugu)
People Media Factory (Telugu)
KRG Studios (Kannada)
Release date16 June, 2023
Running time3 Hours
LanguagesHindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kanada
Budget₹500 crore Rupees
Box officeest. ₹200 crore

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